Bayless Conley

Better Business

Better Business

God wants to help you succeed in your life and work. By examining the life and teachings of Solomon, one of history’s wisest and richest men, Bayless Conley helps you gain a foundation for lasting success and significance in any work arena in this 6-message series.

Apply timeless principles from God’s Word that lead to promotion and prosperity, such as:

  • Balancing wealth and integrity
  • The power of collaboration and effective communication
  • Enjoying every step of your career and life’s journey
  • Finding peace and freedom from worry or anger 
Understand and recognize God’s wisdom and leading in your work, which include:
  • Preordained and imparted wisdom
  • God’s spoken wisdom
  • The counselor’s wisdom 
Cultivate attitudes that will keep you moving forward, such as:
  • Remaining open, patient, and teachable
  • Keeping your word

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