Bayless Conley

Understanding Salvation

Understanding Salvation

What does it mean to be “saved”? What does it mean to “perish”? What is “everlasting life”?

The Bible tells the story of how the human race became separated from God because of sin. There is no amount of personal sacrifice, good works, or religious ritual that can ever bridge the gap that exists between you and God. But friend, there is good news! When we could not rescue ourselves, God came to rescue us.

In this powerful booklet Understanding Salvation, Bayless Conley helps you understand the salvation and eternal life Jesus promises.

So discover the impact salvation can make on your life when you order this booklet today!

ISBN-13: 9781934590348
Product Dimensions: 3.81 x 6 x .2 inches
Product Weight: 1.5 ounces

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