Bayless Conley

Generation to Generation

Generation to Generation

Amazing things can happen when you open your heart and truly begin to worship the Lord.

In this very special 2-message and live worship set called Generation to Generation, Bayless Conley shows you from Scripture how heartfelt worship breaks down barriers and releases your faith for God to intervene in your life.

“I’m really excited to introduce you to some of the worship here at Cottonwood Church. It’s not just one style—we have a lot of contemporary, but there’s also some hymns on there. There’s a little bit of rap; there’s a little bit of a Latin flavor. There’s something for everyone. It’s also a teaching tool, as the Scripture says to ‘Teach and admonish one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.’ It is a great way to get the Word of God in your heart. As well as a CD, there’s a DVD with live worship, and two messages on worship are included. I know it will be a blessing for you.” Bayless Conley

**This worship CD/DVD set includes live worship songs and two messages preached by Bayless Conley.

Languages: Audio/Video: English Subtitles: Spanish and Vietnamese

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