Bayless Conley

Isaiah 53 - God's Great Redemption

Isaiah 53 - God's Great Redemption

Every believer goes through periods of feeling hurt, sick, lost, or confused. But the good news is Jesus Christ died to heal and restore every single broken piece of our frail, human form! His death redeems you to your very core–to save you, and to give you health and peace. Jesus took all your sorrows and pains upon Himself… He loves you that much!

In this empowering message called Isaiah 53 – God’s Great Redemption, Bayless Conley shares in detail about this radical, life-altering love by examining the prophecies of Isaiah. Hundreds of years before Christ, Isaiah described Jesus’ death and resurrection, and what it would accomplish for us. These truths are central to our faith as Christians – something God cares deeply about.

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